What is the world coming to?



The March goes on…

Time for another recommendation.  For those who haven’t watched already, March of the Penguins should definitely be on the list.  Especially for any ‘animal lover’.  While it is short on details and facts that we normally come to expect from documentaries, especially from National Geographic, it more then makes up for in storytelling, setting and cinematography.  And of course those penguins.  Remarkable creatures.  Of course I have seen, heard and read about them, but it was more in passing, or briefly in a textbook.  Like the polar bear, I just assumed they are what they are, birds that just walk and waddle. But like all things, there’s more then meets the eye.

You will probably wonder what the heck they are still doing in Antartica and probably not that bright for still being there(as I have heard from few).  For whatever reason, they had decided to stay there, evolve and adapt to their enviornment.  This can be compared to how we also live, where we decide to live or do for a living.  Even to us, the answers are not always clear, we just know we have to keep chugging along.  It is easy for those on the outside to critically point out. But likely, they too do not realize they are also in the same situation. But enough of that. This documentary ‘movie’ will open your eyes to their unique characteristics, beauty and determination, and in the process touch the human sentiment in us. 



I have decided to update this blog.  I am generally quite lazy when it comes to writing these things, but have been meaning to do so for quite some time.  Just to get my creative juices going.  My intention will be to write mainly about critiques of movies, arts and of that sorts, as well as general views I may have on some things. 
It is quite late so I will not be writing much, though if I have a few drinks that may change.  It has been awhile since I have seen any new movies.  I think working at the theatre for several years has tarnished that enthusiasm I used to have.  The mystique has been ruined, especially if you see the same scene over and over.  And since I worked in the late 90’s to early 2000, I have seen many recent movies come and go.  As a result, I seem to have a affinity to watch and catch up on older movies, the classics that were not around while I worked there.  I also have this theory that the mega multiplexes have essentially killed the movie industry (I’ll explain later with more details).
Some movies I need to catch up on are some Stanley Kubrick movies (Clockwork Orange), Alfred Hitchcock movies (I saw the original ‘Psycho’ recently, and it is truly a masterpiece, highly recommended.  A true classic), some of the past Oscar winning movies (from the 80’s and 70’s), Blade Runner… I can’t seem to think of anything else right now.  A movie I had recently scene that deserves praise is 2001: A Space Odyssey.  The reason being is in my view (as well as the critics and fans of it), this movie needs to be viewed more then once.  The first time I saw it, back in my university days, I had no clue what this movie was about, and why it was such a big deal.  And as with me and when it first premiered, it only gets better with time and multiple viewings.  Because this movie is open to interpretation, its highly recommended for those that enjoy the movies where it keeps you guessing at what the director is trying to get the viewer to feel.  Another important note, this movie requires patience.  Very slow scenes.  Being a laid back individual like myself, it suites me fine.  Others who are waiting for the action, the in your face scenes may not like this, but if you are up for a challenge, this is one movie to take. 
I also get a kick watching movies made in the past where they predict how the future will be (such as the year 2001). The furniture, clothes, technology.  Well, I’m off now.. until next time.

Greetings to all.  It has been awhile.  But like many, I have gotten caught up with work, life, etc.  2005 truly whizzed by.  One thing I definitely plan to do this year is to go to on one of those all inclusive trips down south.  I among some of my other friends have not gone. It seems though everybody I have come across have gone to those things.  Any suggestions? I’m thinking of Cuba since I heard its usually the cheapest, with the nicer beaches.  Mexico I heard is overpriced, beaches from good to okay but an amazing night life with people from everywhere.  The place to be when you want to partay.  I on the other hand pretty much care about the beach.  I think the only nightlife I need is a poker table and free flowing booze. I heard hitting the tanning salon before is recommended since if you’re pale like me, it’ll ease the sunburn if you already somewhat have a tan. I wish somebody had told me this before I went to Florida before.  On the first day, I didn’t use sun tan lotion since it was early so it wasn’t scorching hot or anything, and of course passing out on the beach for a couple of hours after some store bought beer, I woke up in pain. The next day, it felt like I was swimming in hot lava, not to mention, I was red as a fire truck. Pretty much, the next day, I had long sleeve stuff on, with lots of lotion. The day after, with lots of lotion, was able to take the sun (though still somewhat painful), but then after, I just got dark and darker.  Result, a glowing tan, healthy look, all the looks from the ladies (muhahah just kidding) and being able to stay out all day without getting burned.  I plan on getting such a tan, that it’ll last me through winter (or close to it) 

2005 was also a year of weddings. I think people just picked the year 2005 and decided “Let’s go gettin on Married!”  Within a span of a couple of 3 months, I attended 5 weddings (not to mention others I knew about but did not attend). I’m sure many others went to just as much or even more.  Not only was this the year of weddings, but the year of engagements. It seems the party will be continuing on this year. The bright side, being a guy, I can get away with a little gel in my hair, just changing my shirt, tie or switching the combinations of shirt and tie. And yes, a polish to the good ol footwear (which isn’t a problem since my parents have a shoe repair and I being the Shoe Polish Connoisseur).  Now, I know for the ladies, this would pose to be a dilemma of epic proportions.The cause of immense concern. Trying to ensure you’re not wearing the same dress, a hairstyle to please, stylish yet comfortable shoes, and of course the purse to match.  But nonetheless, the union of new love, happiness, romance is enough to make it all worth it.  Now time to get back in shape before a new suit is required.  


Happy Holidays to all!  This has been the first white Christmas in ages. Though a bit too cold, pretty nice though. What’s everybody doing for new year’s eve?  I’m thinking I might actually go out in the longest time… comb the hair, put on the nice long johns, and oh yes, can’t forget the dancing shoes. As for the alcohol, the motto this year is “I can’t handle it anymore”. 

Which leads me to probably why I have been MIA for so long. I had the poorest showing for my b-day this year, and took much too long to recover. the first and only time I have called in sick for work. Other then that, everything has been but a blur. Spent Christmas watching the Big Game and then playing poker all night. Cheers to all!   

Its been awhile.  Where has the time gone.  Well,  it is official, I am retired from drinking.  My body cannot take it anymore.  As well as my once refined brain.  All for the better.  I realized that having a memory and brain cells is important.  What is everybody else doing for the summer?  It doesn’t even feel that there is a summer considering how cold its been here in Toronto.  The anticipation for summer was very strong I’m sure for most, especially considering how cold this past winter was.  But now its here, I’m sure like most others, what to do what to do. 

Well, thus far, the major event of the summer for me was a road trip down to pennsylvannia.  It was quite the adventure getting down.  Basically got held up at the border because aparently the car we rented was involved in a crime just 2 days before.  And of all things, smuggling drugs.  It ended up being alright because when the customs officer asked for the car rental slip, we ended up giving the previous owner’s slip instead of ours.  So here we are with a car involved in a crime, smuggling of all things and you know those Americans, if you try to smuggle drugs, even an ounce of weed, you’re going to jail.  It also looked suspicious that my friend who got asked the question of where we were going, his soldier like response of:

“We’re going to visit our friend Christine in Slippery Rock Pennsylvannia.”

Officer:  “Uh, you five guys are going to visit one girl?”

Us:  “Yes sir”

Officer:  “Uhh Huhh”

After looking at the rental receipt with the previous driver’s name:

“Can you park to the side, and can the driver please come inside.”

2 hours later, we find out it was the wrong paper.  So we get the proper paper, and its like “Okay, you guys are fine, you can go”

Now we’re groovin… driving an avg 170km/h down.  Gotta love those Americans who got out of our way the whole way down in the passing lane.  The one driver who didn’t.  “Betcha he’s Canadian.”  “Yup, its a dammn Canadian.”

 Now what happens when you drive fast is you burn gas alot faster.  And those interstate highways have gas stations every 20 miles.  20 doesn’t sound like much but when its in miles, its alot longer.  We reversed directions and basically drove on fumes past the ‘Empty’ because we missed an exit for gas the gas station.

Then my other friend takes over:  “Don’t worry guys, I’m a safe driver.  We’ll get there all safe now”  As soon as we exit the gas station, we run over an island in the middle of the road because he didn’t see it.  Then 5 mins later, we run over a dead animal.  And we really ran over it.  We all felt the the guts and bones explode beneath us.  We’re all thinking there ‘Oh great, there must be blood and guts all underneath the car.’

By this point, we just want to get to our destination… Christine’s house.  Right when we’re there, we pull over to a gas station to wait for her so she can take us to her house.  She comes and we start following her.  Then out of nowhere, my friend: “Ohhhhhh shhiieet!!  I left my wallet on top of the car and it has all my money and passport in there!!”  We’re thinking ohh man, this is one freakin crazy night.  We head back to the gas station and to our relief, it was not too far from where we parked. 

With a night like that, that called for some brain numbing beer.