Having been to 2 plays/musicals within the last little while, I’d thought I’d recommend them while they are still around since they will be leaving at the end of May.  The first play I highly recommend and maybe because my expectations were quite low due to the title, but nonetheless very enjoyable, is Guys and Dolls playing at the Stratford Festival in Stratford Ontario, approx 20 mins from Waterloo.  If there is one performance to see, this is it. 

I guess the scenerary of the quaint little town added to it but it is a smart, cleverly written play that is good ol fun.  As well, the actors truly fitted the mold of their characters which definitely added to the chemistry and believability of it.  The characters were funny (Characters definitely fit the stereotype of the era.  Better to keep it unknown till you actually go).  It’s one of those plays you can’t help but talk about afterwards.  If you are in the Toronto area, or living here, and interested in doing something different, definitely check it out as it will give any musical more then a run for its money.  Many of you have probably heard of the Stratford Festival… now’s your chance to go… and with my glowing recommendation, you can’t lose!   

The second play I recommend, is The Last Five years performed by Can Stages near the Berkeley Theatre (East of the other two Can Stages Theatre).  They have cheap tickets if you are 25 or under (25$ tickets for what is normally near the 80$ range) so you can’t go wrong.  Take advantage of these reduced prices.  Just ask for the student price since they won’t advertise them.  Maybe the girls will like this a bit better (as opposed to guys who are totally against plays) but it is also a well presented play/musical that is cleverly written for all to enjoy.  It highlights a couple and their 5 year relationship and some of the common and fundamental differences in relationships between men and women that is a source of problem for many.  At times, it will blatantly say it, and you know it’s true, and you’ll sit there with a smile a on your face. 

So people, spring is here, the flowers are blooming, birds chirping and things to do!  Time to start coming out of hybernation… Get out and enjoy!  Okay, I think it’s too early in the morning.  I’ll be more normal after some coffee.  But definitely check them out.     


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  1. Plato

    Oopps, Can Stages is the name of the Theatre Company that runs the plays, which they run three different theatres.  So the actual location of the theatre is in the Berkerley theatre.

  2. GEEKsters

    YOU watch plays?  Yeah, the first musical I’ve ever seen was Beauty and the Beast and since that I’ve been to some other ones.  Some better than others, but the best one so far was Miss Saigon.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out if it ever plays again.  I’m watching Hairspray this month, though I’ve heard Urinetown was better.  Okay, I’ll stop now…


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