The March goes on…

Time for another recommendation.  For those who haven’t watched already, March of the Penguins should definitely be on the list.  Especially for any ‘animal lover’.  While it is short on details and facts that we normally come to expect from documentaries, especially from National Geographic, it more then makes up for in storytelling, setting and cinematography.  And of course those penguins.  Remarkable creatures.  Of course I have seen, heard and read about them, but it was more in passing, or briefly in a textbook.  Like the polar bear, I just assumed they are what they are, birds that just walk and waddle. But like all things, there’s more then meets the eye.

You will probably wonder what the heck they are still doing in Antartica and probably not that bright for still being there(as I have heard from few).  For whatever reason, they had decided to stay there, evolve and adapt to their enviornment.  This can be compared to how we also live, where we decide to live or do for a living.  Even to us, the answers are not always clear, we just know we have to keep chugging along.  It is easy for those on the outside to critically point out. But likely, they too do not realize they are also in the same situation. But enough of that. This documentary ‘movie’ will open your eyes to their unique characteristics, beauty and determination, and in the process touch the human sentiment in us. 


5 thoughts on “The March goes on…

  1. blondless

    For a second there, I really thought u were talking about the march of the Alchies who walked like penguins.  Does this mean is not drinking and blogging now? haha

  2. x_quach

    Goodness I really need to watch that movie! I absolutely adore/obessed with penguins. ^_^Very nice insight into the movie…mm I must go rent it this weekend.


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