Its been awhile.  Where has the time gone.  Well,  it is official, I am retired from drinking.  My body cannot take it anymore.  As well as my once refined brain.  All for the better.  I realized that having a memory and brain cells is important.  What is everybody else doing for the summer?  It doesn’t even feel that there is a summer considering how cold its been here in Toronto.  The anticipation for summer was very strong I’m sure for most, especially considering how cold this past winter was.  But now its here, I’m sure like most others, what to do what to do. 

Well, thus far, the major event of the summer for me was a road trip down to pennsylvannia.  It was quite the adventure getting down.  Basically got held up at the border because aparently the car we rented was involved in a crime just 2 days before.  And of all things, smuggling drugs.  It ended up being alright because when the customs officer asked for the car rental slip, we ended up giving the previous owner’s slip instead of ours.  So here we are with a car involved in a crime, smuggling of all things and you know those Americans, if you try to smuggle drugs, even an ounce of weed, you’re going to jail.  It also looked suspicious that my friend who got asked the question of where we were going, his soldier like response of:

“We’re going to visit our friend Christine in Slippery Rock Pennsylvannia.”

Officer:  “Uh, you five guys are going to visit one girl?”

Us:  “Yes sir”

Officer:  “Uhh Huhh”

After looking at the rental receipt with the previous driver’s name:

“Can you park to the side, and can the driver please come inside.”

2 hours later, we find out it was the wrong paper.  So we get the proper paper, and its like “Okay, you guys are fine, you can go”

Now we’re groovin… driving an avg 170km/h down.  Gotta love those Americans who got out of our way the whole way down in the passing lane.  The one driver who didn’t.  “Betcha he’s Canadian.”  “Yup, its a dammn Canadian.”

 Now what happens when you drive fast is you burn gas alot faster.  And those interstate highways have gas stations every 20 miles.  20 doesn’t sound like much but when its in miles, its alot longer.  We reversed directions and basically drove on fumes past the ‘Empty’ because we missed an exit for gas the gas station.

Then my other friend takes over:  “Don’t worry guys, I’m a safe driver.  We’ll get there all safe now”  As soon as we exit the gas station, we run over an island in the middle of the road because he didn’t see it.  Then 5 mins later, we run over a dead animal.  And we really ran over it.  We all felt the the guts and bones explode beneath us.  We’re all thinking there ‘Oh great, there must be blood and guts all underneath the car.’

By this point, we just want to get to our destination… Christine’s house.  Right when we’re there, we pull over to a gas station to wait for her so she can take us to her house.  She comes and we start following her.  Then out of nowhere, my friend: “Ohhhhhh shhiieet!!  I left my wallet on top of the car and it has all my money and passport in there!!”  We’re thinking ohh man, this is one freakin crazy night.  We head back to the gas station and to our relief, it was not too far from where we parked. 

With a night like that, that called for some brain numbing beer.        


3 thoughts on “

  1. blondless

    haha U giving urself too many excuses to drink.  Plus, ur korean, it’s in ur blood to be an alchy. haha  But yah, 5 girls to visit one girl? Mannn And all your gf believe u guys r just going for a road trip?

  2. thesillygirlie

    u guys are so funny! and knowing the 5 of us, i’m sure there were much more stories like that — entertain us some more when you get the chance rubes 🙂
    hope your job’s going well


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