Those who know me well know that I’ve had some messed up sleeping habits.  It all started around grd 9 when I stayed up late, watching those late shows (Letterman and Conan’s first year).  Then it stuck with me through highschool.  I would literally sleep an avg of 40 min per class.  Even on a 10 min bus ride to school, I would pass out.  Having many dreams, such as missing my stop or it was lunch time.  By my last years of high school, I would be up until 3 am or later.  Then unversity, then it was over.  Cramming one night in highschool is all you need.  But in university, that isn’t the case.  So needless to say, it got even more screwed. 

Then even more drunken nights leading to hangovers.  What does this have to do with sleeping?  Well, I would sleep all day, then wake up late, not being able to sleep until really late.  Then I hit a critical point the last couple of weeks where I had a super hangover and stayed up stuper late on other occaisions.  Summoning all my powers, and fighting to try to stay awake until the proper time, for the first time, since perhaps I was a wee little bloke,  I went to sleep at 11pm then woke up 7:30 am.  I feel Greeeaat!!  The reason I am writing this is so there is a record that I slept properly.  Time for some Zzzzzzz’s.   


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