I am pretty sure most of you are wondering, like I am, where the heck did the fall go?!?!  I know for sure there was a summer, but October and November.  Ah well.  The BIG ski trip is just a matter of days away.  This is the first time the gang is going away for the holidays outside of Toronto and actually staying overnight.  Though there were various setbacks, it should still be a blast.  If you have read my previous entries, you will also correctly guess that there will be a plenty of drinking.  Especially since one of our buddies, Ed is back from the navy (the real one, the U.S. Navy) for the holidays.  Ed is known as the grandfather in our group, not only because he is the oldest, perhaps wisest and his birthday is in January, but back in the days, when we were all a bunch of young, underaged, foolish little infants, he was there to provide that drink of cold, clean, filtered brews and that superb vodka, distilled from grain of the fine fields of Southern Sweeden in accordance with more than 400 years of tradition.  We all have that same anticipation  for these new memories as we did those many many years ago waiting for you to walk in the door with all those wonderful treats. 

And as tradition will continue upon your arrival, we will ensure that you will be re-united face to face, with the warm yet cool embrace as your old, trusted companion can only provide…. the toilet bowl.  CHEEERS!!!   


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