Ahhh, it is that time of the year again.  The time when the warm heat of summer is giving way to the cold paws of winter.  And it always seems, on that evening, labour day monday, the air has gotten that much cooler and crisper, as the signs of snow, sleet, and what seems like months of darkness is rearing its merciless head.  A season of staying in, chilling in, sleeping in, coverin, cuddlin, seemingly endless frost bitingly cold nights, that brief festive moment when lights, parties, food, drinks, gatherings, and oh yeah, drinks run galore, and for those brave enough to hit the nightlife, rises the Great Wall that is the line up at coat checks.  But alas!  Whether it be getting the right scarf to match that jacket, or searching for the age old quest to remove salt from our endeared and battered footware, when all is calm, quiet and serene, walking through or just viewing from inside, the myriad crystals of white and serenity is enough to please the most troubled souls.  And in the Great White North, the hopeful battling and surival of another winter and the wish to get away from it all to a nice sandy resort is enough.          

In my case, I’ve had my share of summer fun this year.  My road trip (described in a previous entry) did not come to fruition, and the window of opportunity to go camping, much like the day is getting shorter.  On the bright side, I will likely be heading on a road trip to the maritimes where you have to kill lobster with your car, and can enjoy the peace of the east coast.  Getting back to the summer, I’ve had a blast, taking the time off, to slow things down, to adjust from the ‘student’ mindset to a time where most of us have dreaded and thought would never really happen, the full-time job.  Met up with many friends, got to actually attend all birthdays and outings that were always overshadowed and darkened by school.  Truly enjoyed these waking moments… who knows, it could be my last for awhile, and being able to realize that I am taking the time, and to the heart, has only enhanced it.  And of course, many nights of drinking in, drinking out, in the bars, patios, frontyard, backyard, driveway, over a game of cards, with chips, pizza, bbq or just under the stars, was icing on the cake.  Mmmmmmmmmm… cake.   


7 thoughts on “

  1. Sushi

    So sorry for being late…I have no excuse except that I’m suffering from early alzheimer’s fredsease.  We have to catch up… miss ya!!Happy birthday, rubeo

  2. kimchi

    HAPPY BELATED RUBEs!!!!!!!!!!!!…..
    SHieters…can’t believe that i’m not there to see you get wasted lk me on my bday…man never relive THAT one again ….hope you had a good one!…

  3. cheesePlz

    can’t believe ur trying to romanticize the notion of winter.. that shit only works with people near the equator… winter sucks when there’s no mountains.. *ahem 416
    lion king was amazing… i missed out a lot tho cuz i kept staring at that guy…
    yep.. keep prolonging this whole student t hing… shud be over but the curse never ends.. hehe.. gotta enjoy the bum life thoh i kno wut it’s like to have to act my age


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