Here’s something I thought was quite amusing from the paper.

Men and Women: different?

“Scientists decoding the human genome have discovered tht just 78 genes separate men from women,” says the BBC News website.  “But what are [there differences]?”  Some of its reader’s replies:

·         Men have no opinion about curtains. Stuart Maconie

·         “At weddings, women cry and then get drunk.  Men get drunk, then cry.” Debby, Britain

·         “Men speak in sentences.  Women speak in paragraphs.” Steve Munoz, US.

·         “If you told a woman that you had just returned from a trip to the surface of the Moon, she would show her interest by asking who you had gone with.”  Howard, Britain

·         “Men will hear you open a beer from three rooms away.” Aileen, Scotland

·         “Men cannot watch sports and talk to their wives at the same time.” Lisa, Canada

·         “Women could never invent weapons that kill, only ones that make you feel really bad and guilty until you surrender.” Dan, Britain


2 thoughts on “

  1. kimchi

    haha…i think there MORE than 78 genes that are different!And who really cares about curtains neways??…If you told me that you took a trip to the moon…the first thing I would ask was how much you got it for and was it all-inclusive???…meaning moon beer included of course ..haha…for YOU not me Can men really do ANYTHING AND talk to their wives at the same…cuse really we women are COMPLETE attention seekers…u better be listening when i’m talk’n…and you better have read every SINGLE word i just wrote here mister!..hahah…As per the weapons…well…we make things lk curling irons, tweezers, hot wax for hair removal…who needs weapons that will KILL other ppl when you can just TORTUE them with the kinda stuff we make..


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