Thinking about the past.  About the care free times.  The good ol times.  When everything was easier.  Things were fun as can be.  The time when my good friend was basically the manager at the bar. Okay, it was the cheesy bar at the Paramount theatre downtown, but hey, as long as the goods were provided, it was the chucky cheese for the grown up… drinks, entertainment and food!  Basically, whenever he was working (which was alot), it was free flowing.  Like when you go to a wedding, and its all you can drink, but you don’t worry about tipping since he’s your friend. 

It was literally whatever you wanted.  A shot of brandy, a glass of wine, a pint of beer, a pitcher of beer, vodka, gin n rye, daiquiris.  It was like, let me try this, never tried that one, give me that.. let me try that brown cow, give me a shot of that, sometimes resulting in less then desirable consequences the next day.  That was the stop before hitting the clubs to get warmed up.  One time, we were supposed to go clubbing, so all 12 or so of us went there to wait for him.  After a couple of pitchers and cocktails, we just ended up staying there the whole night having our own party there.  He was also able to get free movies.  Now that is what you call the V.I.P. treatment.  Drinks before, then a show… unbeatable.  For those who haven’t tried, its a must! 

Hmm, maybe its a good thing he’s not there anymore (prob would’ve lost all my brain cells by now).  Too bad he couldn’t have stayed until my birthday last year though.              


4 thoughts on “

  1. kimchi

    movies while pissed eh…gotta try that one time…hey we went to paramount yesterday and chance is in that advertisement going up the escalator eh!…i was lk HEY THERES CHANCE!!!..hahaha…he’s quite the celebrity eh..hahah…I miss the good old days too…but i LOVE these days just as much……chips…ure profile pic looks lk ure about to KILL sumone!…haha..

  2. Sushi

    It was cool seeing Chance on that ginormous poster…he seemed like a celebrity. haha..  Speaking of drinks, I still have to try his infamous Poomps drink. 
    Hope studying is going well?


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