Ahhh, it is that time of the year again.  The time when the cold paws of winter is giving way to the warmth and smog of summer.  And with this comes the planning, the preparation, the hope and expectation of another summer filled with barbeques, outings, clubs, trips, weddings, beaches, camping, lazy chilling summer nights, summer luv, and of course for all the ladies, the sandals!  Whether it be busting out the right ones for the right occassion or searching for that perfect style and comfort for your sole and toes, just the promise and hope of a summer where we can all come out of hibernation and enjoy ‘life’ from the drudgry of winter, and hopefully accomplishing that something we always put off is part of the fun.

In my case, a couple of friends and I are in the stages of talking of going here and there on a road trip.  In specific, Texas.  Why?  Because of the long whining roads, the wind in our hair, and for some Americana, specifically for a good ol Texan steakfest, ribfest, or wingfest, or all.  After watching a documentary on TLC,  seeing all the competitors from all around, with their special sauces, secret family recipes, and armed with their custom made barbeque grills…irresistible. 

We’ve also always wanted to check out a sporting event in the States, where the fans go nuts, the plays are intense, but unfortunately, the only thing happening in the summer is baseball.  And who knows, maybe we’ll hit New Orleans, or the Grand Canyon, heck, if we’re there, might as well head to L.A.  Wait, if we’re on the west coast, Vancouver can’t be that far.  Never being there, and hearing about all their beautiful scenery, and clean air, it must beat L.A.  The possibilities are endless.  And so is the summer.            


6 thoughts on “

  1. GEEKsters

    Ah summer, can’t wait…
    Hahahaha…I won’t be at school on Wednesday, but good luck on your exam(s).  I will be there on Tuesday if you so happen to pass by! =)

  2. kimchi

    sandles eh…how do u know so much about women’s shoes…Summer is lk amour…its perfect and sunny and gives u the best feeling inside…UNTIL u step outside and realize u’d rather be back in ure air conditioned house watching tv with a nice cold bottle(dark coloured) of beer in ure hands…hahha…hope that analogy worked for u :-p


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