Meeting up with a long time friend, we decided to go to bubbletea (so you know it was a female).  Originally, we were supposed to meet up with her friends or something, but one wasn’t feeling well so it was cancelled.  Since I hadn’t had bubbletea in ages, and since it was already brought up, I actually had a craving so I was like “let’s go!”  After downing a nice large one, I now remember why I hadn’t gone in ages.  After finally fixing up my sleeping hrs (which means waking up at like 8:00am without an alarm), I am currently in jeopardy with even the mildest caffeine to fall asleep.  And like after having more then 8 beers, I am ready to heave all that tapioca or whatever it is.  Okay, its not that bad but it ain’t good.  The cure:  Told by a wise person, drink warm/hot water, it’ll settle any unsettling. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. kimchi

    beer flavoured bbtea…i think u’ve come up with a GREAT invention…tapioca balls that are soaked in beer instead of green tea…it’ll be lk the worm in a bottle of tequila!…course the dilemna now is…do u make it hot or cold????…hahah

  2. GEEKsters

    Bubblebeer?!?!  Hmmm…doesn’t sound too tasty!
    Hey, I think I saw you on a Wednesday.  Okay, not really, but sort of.  I was with Bev working on an assignment with some other people and she mentioned Ruben, and then I put two and two together and yeah…that’s my story…


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