Went out to dinner and mystery theatre (apparently similar to clue if you what it is because I didn’t) last night in the same place for a friend’s b-day which was different then the usual dinner/club or karaoke or bowling.  Basically, go in and sit down, and there are some pretty cool props around, nothing big or anything but gives it that ‘different’ feeling that you are in some older era in a classic setting.  During dessert, the characters come around start striking up conversation with the diners, talking in character, giving very basic clues.  After dinner, the show starts with the play taking place around the diners, and if its your birthday, they’ll actually include you in it (in small bits).  It was pretty funny since we were in a large group and also the minute consumption of alcohol.  Its an interesting place to take a friend for their b-day and surprise them since you would have to tell the theatre its his/her b-day before hand. 

After, went to Jack Astors for some more brews.  Later on: “Man, it must be pretty late by now.  What?!?  Only 1:15?!? Soooo late!!” Before:  “Hurry up!! Its already last call!!! Gotta get more pitchers before its too late!!”  On the bright side, less then a week till spring!       


3 thoughts on “

  1. GEEKsters

    I’ve always wanted to attend one of those Mystery Theatre things.  Maybe for my birthday…hmmm…
    Hahaha…You’re getting old!!!  It’s a sure sign of old age!!!

  2. blondless

    I was gonna say it’s that how I’m gonna party when I’m your age…but then ur younger than me, right??????? argh
    ar….then it’ll give u a couple of years b4 u’ll catch up to my so hermit life. 


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