You unlock this door with the key of imagination.  Beyond it is another dimension, a demension of not only sight and sound but of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.  You’ve just crossed over…

Well, one of the reasons why I put that cheesy ol story up in my previous entry is that we, as older fogies lack the imagination of youngings.  For us to sit here and try to write a creative story is unheard of! Unless maybee you’re an english major.  The point is, as we get older, we are constantly reminded of logic and order, of the way things are, or we are hit with reality straight on.  The imagination of youth is quite a remarkable thing.  In some and wondrous cases, it inspires and does become reality.  To those wondering, this was not what was going on as I had yet dated 😉 

And my dad didn’t date either.      


4 thoughts on “

  1. GEEKsters

    That’s quite true.  Children have such a vivid imagination that can leave you awe-struck at times.  It’s true, once we hit that old age, you’re left with reiterating logic and formulas and useless information!!!! 

  2. cheesePlz

    it is called.. the “commodification of society”…who wants to sit down and think when we can nicely be brainwashed with flickering pix?
    i have imaginmification… i like to think life is beautiful

  3. Sushi

    I remember those days….imagination was actually a tool.  Now it seems like we have filter ideas even before brainstorming at times.As much as I hate economics, I find that I’m actually applying basic theories to relationships now (pp curve, s&d, etc.)  Next thing I know, I’ll be using calculus to solve emotional problems *gasp*

  4. kimchi

    so true!….i TOTALLY lack imagination…but i think as a kid i lacked imagination too…weird eh…its from being brought up in a rigid formal atmosphere…i think even as adults now if we’re taught to THINK creatively…to generate new and wild ideas…imagination doesn’t have to be synonomous with being a child….who am i kidd’n…i don’t think we can ever get rid of societal inhibitions???….


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