While cleaning my room, I found this short story I wrote probably in grade 9, even though I do not remember writing it.  So if you have nothing to do, read away!  And to those of you wondering,  I have no idea where I came up the names. 


As they entered the car with the groceries, Deirdre noticed that her dad was glowing with happiness.  “What’s wrong, daddy?” Deirdre asked as if she didn’t know why he was glowing.  “Oh nothing” her dad replied with a smile.

The next day Elliot went to the supermarket in the morning to ask Rita if she would like to go to dinner that night.  Rita agreed with a smile.  For that whole day, Elliot was nervous and restless.  Before the date, Deirdre was trying to calm him down.  “Dad, where are you taking her?”

“To a restaurant close to the supermarket.”

“Well, I hope you have a good time,” Deirdre said.

“Thanks,” Elliot answered.

Elliot left the house wearing what he wore the day he met her.  Elliot picked Rita up at the supermarket.  When Elliot saw her, she wasn’t as good looking as he remembered.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“You look fine,” he answered thinking to himself that she looked pretty dirty.  As they entered the restaurant, she was telling him all the food she loved to eat.  She was talking on and on about how she loved to make food and eat it which was boring Elliot out of his mind.  The waiter came and asked, “What would you two like tonight?”

“I would like the steak dinner please”

“Excellent choice, and you Madame?”

“I would like the steak dinner, the ham sandwich, a large bowl of soup and the large garden salad”

            What a pig!  Elliot thought to himself.  Not only is she a blabber mouth, she is a big pig running up my bill like there was no tomorrow!

As the waiter brought out the food, Elliot noticed a hungry look in Rita’s face, as if she would eat anything blocking her path.  As the dinner commenced, Rita was making most of the conversation.  She was stuffing food in her mouth until it was completely full, and chewed with her mouth wide open making food fly all over the place.

            When Elliot was taking Rita home, Rita said “I think it would be better to be just friends.” “Your right,” Elliot said with a sigh of relief, thinking to himself, ‘Maybe better luck next time.’


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  1. Plato

    I’m not exactly sure what was going through my head at the time but I can say for certain that my dad did not go on any date! j/j  I didn’t date back then so I don’t know where it came from, but I did get an ‘original ending’ from the teacher.


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