I am going to share with you all, the ‘Great Secret’ that will provide all your years with health and cold-free times in the winter months.  It is well known there is no cure for the cold yet we are all bombarded with cold remedies and treatments.  What is one to do?  The answer is simple.  You must give your body “Shock Treatment” with vitamin C.  They are the soldiers defending your health.   A cold is simply your body’s inability to fight infections.  To counter this harsh onslaught, the soldiers must be mobilized with great numbers, therefore lots and lots of Vitamin C. 

The Action Plan:  Drink gallons and gallons of O.J.  Okay, not that much but large quantities.  On several occasions, I would sit there with a carton 1.89 L of O.J. and just chug the whole thing down, straight for the carton.  And believe me.. it works!!  Now that the soldiers are all strategically placed, they must be sent into battle.  But not without a battle plan.  What is this battle plan?  Simple:  SLEEP!!  And lots of it.  It is in sleep that the great battles for health, freedom and liberty from misery take place.  Coming down with a harsh cold this past Friday, by Sunday, I was 90% cured.  Today, I am a whole new man.    


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  1. GEEKsters

    When I get that initial feeling that I’m going to catch something, tea usually does it for me.  So, a whole new man, eh?  Who would’ve thought that orange juice can do that to you!

  2. Sushi

    Yes, oj is my lifeblood…i’ve noticed that when I drink tanks of oj I’m less prone to colds.  However, apparently when you down oj while you’re sick, you’re susceptible to getting worse???? Maybe because you’re not supposed to drink cold fluids during that time?? Ah well….when all else fails…….morphene that sucker.   

  3. cheesePlz

    i think ur cure was more a psychological thang then anything else!~ vitamin C is only known to sumwhat help the prevention of colds by helping 2 build antibodies.. when ur already sick the virus is already “caught” meaning da sneezing n stuff is just trying 2 cleanse da body after…
    now what u REALLY need is a big plastic bubble…with like arm and leg holes (well not holes.. just like.. airtight baggies).. that way nothing will contaminate.. yeah baby..u can be da new bubble boy

  4. kimchi

    O-leang-joo-su…haha…yeah its good for colds ONLY if u don’t have an itchy sore throat…if u DO…then u’re making it worse!!!….the acids in oranges aggrevate the tightness even more…so my doctor tells me


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