Happy 2003 everyone!!!  I guess I finally got off the dammn couch.  I’ve started the process of cleaning and re-organinzing my room, which is different from just cleaning.  This means that I am rearranging junk around my room and closet to suit my o so changing tastes.  After finding a shoe box full of old junk, I found receipts from 1995, so I’m here thinking why the hell did I keep this crap?!  If its a receipt for a big item, that’s understandable but its from Shoppers for like a $3.29 bottle of hairspray. 

So now comes the process of throwing out this junk.  And putting my current junk in there.  Though I’m here thinking that I’ll never really need this stuff again so why not just throw it out, but then again I’m like ‘NOOOOOO!!!  I can’t! I can’t! I won’t!! This is me, a part of me, this is my past, this is who I am, I can’t.  I’ll throw it out once I forget about it, its always easier that way.’ J/J   Yes, yes, I’m one of ‘those’ who keep their junk. Well, at least I know what kind of hairspray I used.  


9 thoughts on “

  1. Sushi

    Rubes, you’re hopeless.  Hahah..you’re worse than me.  I think my wallet needs a good cleaning…it’s loaded with useless receipts.  If only it were $ *sigh*

  2. AtomicKittyn

    I know what u mean, I keep EVERYTHING, and even stuff that I would consider junk…don’t know why…but I know that as soon as I throw it away…I’m going to need it again…so why throw it out? I have crap way back from elementary school…who knows why I’m hoarding that.

  3. kimchi

    just realized that i didn’t add u to my “list”…haha…sorweee….u keep everything eh…yeah i do that too…only cuse i’m too lazy to throw it out…hahah…but when u move 4times in one year u get used to throwing out things that i don’t need…cuse its a pain in the ass to move it everytime!!!…STILL…i have so much junk…the other day i found a box full of old letters that i received from my pen pals in grade 5!!…must say…my writing skills have NOT improved all that much!!!..hahah…


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