I can really feel I’ve started to lose a lots of my brain cells.  I guess drinking nine days straight will do that.  Its not that I’ve been going all out or anything like that but just enough, ranging from a couple glasses of scotch, to three bottles of beer and a whole pitcher to a bottle of wine.  Add that with sleeping when the sun is almost up and all that food to accompany it is a recipe for Homer Simpson.  Wait, it can’t be all that bad then.  Mmmmmmm…. brain cell damaging yet so savoury alcohol. 


7 thoughts on “

  1. kimchi

    ahhh….u are a true Korean!…we should take sushi for Korean food…then for soju kettles…then in her drunk’n state to nolabang!…how more Korean can u get!chips…i’ll even lend her my new korean fob jacket…hahah

  2. GEEKsters

    Where’s the new updates mister?!?!   Just because you had a better Popple doesn’t mean you have to stop writing!!!  Hope your new year started off wonderfully…Happy 2003!!!


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