I know everybody is probably saying this, but I’ll say it again.  This year just flew by!!  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with this thought either but it seems like Christmas and new years seem to be coming faster and getting less and less hype each year.  But then again, it might be because I don’t have the anticipation of getting those He-Man action figurines anymore. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Sushi

    It is?  oops.  How’d you know?  Thanks!  Changed it 🙂 I guess that William Morrow dude ripped it off him.Time sure flies.  Noooooo! I don’t wanna turn 23…..wahhh! This is depressing.  I’m going to run out and get a my little pony to feel young again.Btw, so much for an MBA..  I got KILLED in jazz…..JAZZ =P i got too cocky this time.  this is depressing.      

  2. Plato

    Yup, after 23, its down hill!!!  Well, actually I heard it was 21 so its okay, it’ll just accelerate you down hill faster. 
    Yeah, I remember my little pony, my little pony…
    Tis okay, we’ll just have to drown our sorrows.

  3. GEEKsters

    He-Man figurines?  Not G.I. Joe or Transformers?  My friend just got me a Popple for Christmas, I can’t believe they’re bringing in those characters again. 


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