I bought this digital camera September of last year, but not just any digital camera, a Kodak (Wooo!).  I had seen one of those things a couple of months before and remember thinking ‘that’s pretty cool’.  What happened was in September, we had to get our house valued since we had to re-negotiate our mortgage rates.  And the guy had this digital camera taking pictures of our house. And I was like “is that a digital camera?”.  “It sure is” the man replies with confidence.  “See, you can store pictures, flip back and fourth, delete, download directly to your computer”.  I was like “that’s REALLY cool!!”.  

As soon as I enter my house and start flipping through the channels, I come across the shopping network.  Guess what was being featured.  Yup, a Kodak digital camera.  Now I’m here all hyped and excited thinking ‘I’ve gotta have one!!’  Not only do you get software for your comp, it also comes with a free printer, and to top it all off, pay only $50 per month for 4 months.  It was settled.  It was going to be mine!!!  After receiving the big boxy, bulky thing, I brought it out to a couple of gatherings and stuff.  To mostly everybody’s surprise, they were like “Wow”, “What’s that?” and “that’s so cool”.        

Now, only a year later, these digital cameras outnumber regular cameras and are almost everywhere I go.  Not only is it everywhere, the one I have is grey (not silver) and boxy, it is the equivalent of those huge, big, grey darn ugly old cell phones.

But hey, I got a free cheap azz printer out of it.  


12 thoughts on “

  1. Sushi

    hahaha… funny…. =)
    I remember those zack-moris-brick-phonesHey i have a silver kodak one…well my brother took it.  But now they have those microscopic ones you can hide in your shirt from canon. 
    technology these days.

  2. GEEKsters

    I find that I’m not using my digital camera as often as I used to. 
    Hahaha…those old retro cell phones that were the size of current cordless phones?  Su, Zach-Morris-Like phones?  I actually recall those…Ah Saved By the Bell days.  Wait a sec, this isn’t Su’s blog.  Sorry about that, plato.  

  3. Sushi

    Damn you Xanga!!I wrote this LONG comment to your “opposite sex bed” question and just xanga ate it.  I’ll have to write it again later when I calm down.  Otherwise I won’t be saying what I really mean. grrr.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. Sushi

    Yah, mich…i remember those cell phones.  Zack thought he was cool with that thing.  Why the heck was he talking on a cell phone when talking to the viewers anyway? Show-off. 
    Sorry rubes…i’ll try to stay on topic here.


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