Being in what is still kind’ve the early 20’s (23 to be exact), most of my friends are still in school, or just about done, and a few have just started working.  I have said this on many occasions, and I’ve noticed many others as well have said this as well.  And the statement is as follows:

“Man, we’re getting old.  Remember the good ol’ days, when we were young, full of energy, no real worries, innoncent, playing nintendo or barbie if you may… ahhhh, those were the days” 

Man!! That’s not all true.  How often we don’t remember waking up EVERYDAY at 7-7:30am, just to walk to the bus stop, in the freezing cold and snow and having to wait for the slow ass bus who is being held up by other kids waking up at 7am and taking the bus everyday to school.  And especially when you were late, everybody was even more late holding up the stinkin bus.  All this to try to arrive by whatever time school started only to get it glorified, forever shrined in your report card.   And this is 5 times a week!! 

And then having to bus it back home at 3 pm.  If you wanted to go to the mall, u have to TTC your ass there as well.  I mean can you imagine going over to your friend’s house nowadays just to hang out there for a couple of hours then busing your ass back home.  In the cold!!  And I’m not only talking about one bus, but TRANSFERS!!!   It’s hard to realize how much guts we had.  Oh how brave we were.


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  1. Sushi

    Ahh, riding the rocket.  Good times.  Yah right.  That’s so true.  Ignorance truly was bliss wasn’t it? I remember having to sprint to the bus stop for the bellamy 9 bus.  I’d always be caught at a red light just as the bus would slowly make an L turn.  Those were the days….when I’d come trudging into class just as the national anthem would come on….only to be sent to the penalty box.  *sigh* 

  2. kimchi

    ure so rite!…WE choose only to look at the good of the past when in the present in order to magnify the bad things in the present and reconfirm that yes they really are that bad…DAMN taht wuz confusing eh!…hahah…but u get what i mean…they call it selective perception in psych i think…;p…but hey i prefer to take the bus now that i live DT!!>…too many stupid drivers out there…and i can’t help but fall alseep nowadays…esp with heat on so high in the car since T,O is So DAMN COLD!!!…take care..chi


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