For those whom responded to my last entry, I am humbled.  Thanks to Sushi, without her, I would still be all alone.

Yesterday was my graduation, or as U of T calls it, convocation.  I never really thought about it, until I was actually there, getting ready for it, and all the preparations for it.  When you’re in school, you just think of completing your last couple of credits.  But when you actually get your diploma, it is definitely worth it. 

This brings me to a ‘truth’ I guess,  If you ever wonder why some people, even those that are very sucessful and rich, (classic example: Oprah) still face sadness or that feeling that there is something more out there, it is in the moment getting that full hearted acceptance and appreciation from those that mean the most to you, both your parents, in the moment and time that is meaningful to you.  This is perhaps the most, that one can ask for in life to bring true happiness.   

Such an event for me highlights this.  I was able to have both my parents in perhaps the highest point of my short life to appreciate and to be very happy in what has been a long, rough, but rewarding road for me.  Some are never given that opportunity.

I am truly and very gratified.


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  1. blondless

    Just hang in there……..I too started a new account off somewhere haha So far, only 1 or 2 person is leaving me comments.  ARGH I’m hopeless.
    Conglatulation on ur grad!!  ehehe  This is a big accomplishments and u should be gratified with the supports u’ve been getting. 
    U will be accepted.

  2. Sushi

    You’re welcome 😉  Although I wasn’t able to recruit many people for you 😛  I think it’s your ‘military’ and ‘breaking bones’ status…what’s up with that? heheh….Congratulations!! I’m sure you made your parents proud.  I completely forgot that there are convocation ceremonies in November.”acceptance” *sigh* – my parents have much to learn…okok – i’ll clarify my tuxedo mask comment for you. 

  3. kimchi

    MILITARY???..what the…u seem so nice and sweet in person…kekke…CONGRATULATIONS PLATO!!!!….its alwayz a treat when the parents leave the ka-kai 2 come see their son graduate eh!…its a huge milestone for them i’m sure they were very proud!…i know mine were…they wouldn’t stop talk’n pictures…ugh…and did u know that ure supposed to take ure robe and hat off and put them on ure parents to signify your appreciation for all their help and endurance for the past 4years??…its a Korean tradition…didn’t know …so i didn’t get to do it!..ah well…welcome to xanga!..chi

  4. GEEKsters

    Congratulations, I’m sure your parents are just as proud. 
    So, Su made you sign up on Xanga, too?  Yeah, she was telling me about her buddy Plato who just signed up. 


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